Drawing on our vast experience of having worked with the who’s who of the financial and corporate world, we at Sahai & Co. are extremely well placed to guide our clients with their corporate legal requirements, ranging from drafting and documentation to general advisory on corporate matters.

We assist our clients in drafting and reviewing a plethora of agreements, contracts, commercial and transactional documentation etc. with the aim of achieving the intended results at cost effective prices. Our exposure to clients ranging from as diverse a sector such as aviation, e-commerce, shipping etc. to the more main stream clientele of the finance world, gives us an unparalleled ability to provide our clients with exactly what they need, as well as develop and maintain “standard templates” for agreements across various industries and sectors, further making the entire process more viable for the client. Our expert knowledge of the Indian legal framework coupled with our strong drafting and documentation skills enables us to counsel our clients for not just their daily business needs but also transactional support and their future planning.

Our understanding of the Indian judicial system based on our practice before several forums across India, has empowered us to pre-empt what may prove to be a contentious or ambiguous point before the courts and we take measures to ensure that our drafting reflects this understanding.

The Indian legal and regulatory framework has witnessed substantial changes, particularly in the last few years. Our ability to proactively respond to the swiftly changing environment in India has enabled us to take major roles in not only representing our clients but also advising them on how the changing paradigm affects their ability do business as well as to ensure that their organizations are in complete regulatory compliance, be that from the perspective of the securities regulatory authorities or the corporate regulatory authorities.

We also strategize for our clients in relation to how to route foreign investment into the country in compliance with the foreign exchange regulatory framework and provide them guidance vis-à-vis how necessary approvals may be obtained from the relevant authorities.

We at Sahai & Co. understand that the need to protect your intellectual property is extremely important. We therefore provide clients with complete assistance in ensuring that their intellectual property is safe, right from registration of the trademark, copyright, etc. to enforcement of the rights.

We also provide full range of corporate advisory services including in relation to corporate and commercial practice, labour and industrial relations, media and entertainment law, environmental law, information technology and cyber law.