We at Sahai & Co. encourage future innovation and entrepreneurship. But at the same time, we also realise and understand the trial and tribulations entrepreneurs go through. We often come across clients who have taken the bold step to initiate a new enterprise or venture, but are completely at sea trying to negotiate and comply with the various legal requirements mandated under law. This interaction with such clients spurred us to carve out a niche of our practice dedicated solely to provide the complete legal guidance to start ups and entrepreneurs at cost effective prices. Being aware of the legal regulatory framework across a plethora of sectors has enabled us to devise a comprehensive package to aid and assist start-ups and enable the entrepreneurs to leave the legal compliance to us and focus on what they had set out to do.

Under this package we assist the client right from the start, i.e. strategizing how to structure their set up and put their idea in motion; registering and incorporating their proprietorship, partnership, company, limited liability partnership, trust etc. as the case may be; drafting the founding documents such as partnership agreement, memorandum of association, articles of association etc.; registering intellectual property and then going on to assist the clients in their daily business needs which requires legal focus. We also represent start-ups and assist as well as negotiate on their behalf for seed / venture capital funding and help the start-ups prepare for due diligence, draft and review transactional documents as well as help in closing the deals out.

It is our belief that our presence right from the inception of the enterprise enables us to understand the client as well as the enterprise itself significantly better and therefore, when approached by such start-ups, we are able to provide holistic and well-rounded solutions keeping in mind the background, the trajectory of the enterprise’s development as well as the future ambitions of the entrepreneur.

We believe that we will grow in tandem with our clients and the growth of our clients is an incentive to us as well.